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Lost Vape is a name that holds weight in the vaping industry with a long-standing track record of producing the highest quality vape tech. Most notably, they pioneered the use of the Evolv DNA chipsets in their devices, including the incredibly successful Orion device, from which this brand-new disposable gets its namesake. The Orion Bar disposable is no exception to the high standards of the Lost Vape brand. With a design that is built off of the classic c-frame box mod aesthetic, it is comfortable in the hand and eye-catching to those around. The Orion Bar is incredibly durable as well, using heavy-duty plastics in its construction. The device features a 650mAh battery with USB-C recharging. Enjoy a fine-tuned puff from the Orion Bar with the addition of adjustable airflow that goes from a tight draw MTL to a restricted lung hit. This disposable carries 18ml of top quality 5% salt nicotine juice with 15 available flavor options and delivers approximately 7500 puffs per device. Try the new Orion Bar today and relive the legend!