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LOST MARY Vape Collection

Lost Mary Disposable Vapes combine advanced technology with a variety of flavors. Created by the makers of Elf Bar, these vapes offer a luxurious, high-end experience. Features include a mesh coil design, synthetic nic salt juice in many flavors, and rechargeable batteries.

1. Lost Mary MO5000

Compact and ergonomic, the MO5000 offers up to 5000 puffs with consistent flavor and vapor. Perfect for a hassle-free vaping experience.

2. Lost Mary OS5000

Stylish and efficient, the OS5000 provides 5000 puffs with advanced airflow technology for smooth, flavorful draws.

3. Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo

With an impressive 15000 puffs, the MT15000 Turbo delivers intense flavors and maximum vapor production for heavy vapers.

4. Lost Mary MO PRO 20000

The MO PRO 20000 offers an astounding 20000 puffs, combining robust battery life with premium e-liquid for top-tier vaping.

5. Lost Mary BM5000

Portable and powerful, the BM5000 ensures 5000 puffs of consistent flavor and a satisfying throat hit, perfect for on-the-go use.

6. Off Stamp SW9000

The SW9000 combines style with substance, offering 9000 puffs and advanced airflow control for a smooth vaping experience.

7. RabBeats RC10000

The RC10000 delivers 10000 puffs with high-performance battery life and premium e-liquid, ideal for extended use without recharging.