Vaping Regulations Abroad: Essential Insights for Travellers

Travelers should be well-informed that while the UK government has recently announced revised restrictions on the sale and purchase of vaping products within its borders, various other nations are also tightening their legislative grip on the vaping industry. Being cognizant of these regulations is of paramount importance as they could significantly impact this year’s summer vacation plans, potentially subjecting individuals to severe financial penalties or even incarceration for non-compliance.


Turkey In Turkey, while the sale of vaping products is not strictly prohibited, it remains illegal due to the absence of licensing for vape kits and e-liquids. However, travelers can use personal vaping devices without fear of legal repercussions. It's worth noting that indoor vaping is also prohibited in Turkey.


Spain Several regions in Spain have already implemented bans on smoking at beaches. Notably, in 2023, the Balearic Islands designated 28 beaches as smoke-free zones, and all 10 beaches in Barcelona have also banned smoking and vaping. Violators of these regulations, including British tourists, may face fines of up to 2,000 euros. Furthermore, Spain has introduced a new anti-smoking policy targeting both smoking and vaping, which includes restrictions on where individuals can smoke, increased tobacco costs, and specific measures aimed at vaping.


France The French parliament recently passed legislation prohibiting the sale of single-use e-cigarettes. However, the law still requires approval from the government and support from the EU. It is anticipated that this prohibition will take effect by September 2024 if all relevant parties endorse the measure.

Portugal Vaping regulations in Portugal are in line with the EU Tobacco Products Directive, treating vaping similarly to smoking. Smoking, including vaping, is prohibited in all public enclosed spaces, bars, restaurants, and clubs, with fines reaching up to 750 euros for non-compliance.


Italy In Italy, the purchase and use of vaporizers are permitted. However, regions such as Veneto and Sardinia enforce smoke-free policies and prohibit vaping in enclosed areas. Fines for violations range from €27.50 to €550.


Greece Disposable vaporizers remain permissible in Greece, with no legal restrictions on their public use. However, travelers should be aware of regulations regarding nicotine content and e-liquid cartridge dimensions.


USA The United States has varying regulations regarding vaping; some states forbid vaping anywhere smoking is prohibited, while others have no specific laws. For example, vaping is allowed in bars in certain places like Miami but prohibited in Florida restaurants. In California, using e-cigarettes is not permitted in many public areas, such as restaurants, bars, or workplaces. State-specific fines for vaping violations range from $50 to $500.


Australia Australia has some of the strictest vaping regulations globally. Vaping is prohibited for all individuals, with penalties including imprisonment and fines of up to £24,000. Therefore, travellers planning to visit Australia this summer should refrain from bringing vaping products.

In addition to Australia, numerous other countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, and many more, have also outlawed disposable vaporizers.

Should travelers encounter any issues related to vaping regulations during their travels, we encourage them to reach out to us for assistance. Our dedicated team is committed to providing support and guidance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation experience for all.

Vaping Regulations Abroad: Essential Insights for Travellers
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